We want to reframe the conversation.

Let's stop talking about opportunities.

Let's start talking about outcome.

Our task to is to develop a ground-breaking selection process to find the most talented young people from the most underprivileged backgrounds and give them 100% free access to the very best education.

A process that is blind to everything except their potential; with a guaranteed 50/50, male/female gender split to assure diversity and equality from day one.

We need to transform the education system that these kids are going in to.
Too often the process isn’t giving them the opportunity or the skills they need to have positive real world outcomes.  It needs to become a system that teaches in a new way, through a new learning platform, with a new approach.

It will be the starting point of our POD (Product Orientated Delivery) method of group learning.

We want to highlight how money donated into a broken system doesn’t help kids and doesn’t help society as a whole. We need donors to understand that they should expect more from every penny pledged. Once you give, what happens next?

At Outcome for Education, we want to change the way that education works for young people across the globe.

The education system worldwide is not providing the kind of
graduates the world needs.

At the same time, students are being let down by a system that is
slow to innovate.
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